Handmade Christmas Honey Cookies 500gr (Melomakarona)


Handmade Christmas Honey Cookies 500gr (Melomakarona)

Traditional handmade Greek honey cookies Melomakarona, delicious olive oil cookies soaked in honey syrup and coated with walnut topping!

Melomakarona are traditionally a Christmas sweet but popular all year around.

Our melomakarona are homede from our bakery based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Melomakarona come in 500gr pack, serving 12-14 pieces.

They last up to three weeks upon reception, if stored in cool and dry place.

Ingredients: Flour, sugar, sunflower oil, orange juice, water, glucose, honey 5%, walnut 4%, semolina, baking powder, cinnamon, clove, orange flavour, preservative: potassium sorbate